(by Roxana Vivanco)

TERMINAL WORLD is extremely pleased to present Victor and his new band WHIPSTRIKER from Brazil. I personally like the fact that this Metal/Punk/Hardcore/Crust act mixes every recording in its own way bringing something new and exciting each time.  Here Victor talks about his bands, the Underground scene and recommends  LOTS of bands from Brazil to listen to… check it out!!!!


TW: Hails Victor! How busy are you now in Brazil?

Victor: First I would like to say THANX for this interview. I always support underground stuffs and attitudes. Well I´m always busy here because I play in 3 bands and work. But I have time to answer the interviews too. AHAH! But it´s ok. I do what I want. I like to practice, record and play live with the bands all the time. It´s not a problem for me.

TW: Please tell us how old are you and some of your background as musician within Sao Paulo Underground Scene.

Victor: Now I have 26 years old. I started to hear Metal and Punk stuff in 1995 when I had 10 years. I was a child but my cousin Flavio showed me some stuffs like METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, MOTORHEAD and MISFITS. Then I said: “Yeah, I like it”. In 1998 we formed our first band FARSCAPE, that plays In vein of KREATOR, SLAYER and SACRIFICE. We were really young that time. Our drummer had 11 years old. We´re still active with the same line up since 1998. I play in other bands too. In 2001 we formed DIABOLIC FORCE that is over now. It´s a Black Metal band that plays in vein of CELTIC FROST, VENOM, HELLHAMMER etc. In 2004 we formed Atomic Roar (still active) to play this mixing of Metal and Punk, so the main influences is WARFARE, DISCHARGE, VENOM etc. But since 2001 I have made some songs to WHIPSTRIKER. In the beginning it was a simple project. I would like to record some songs, just to release and not to play live. So in 2009 I decide to record them. I had around 20 songs ready that time. Then I record the first album “Crude Rock n Roll” and the first 7´´EP Split. From 2009 till now I recorded other stuffs too: 2 demos and more 3 Splits (7´´EP). I started to promote some gigs in my city too. But look, I don´t live in São Paulo, but in Rio de Janeiro. It´s around 6 hours from São Paulo. And finally here I am answering these questions.

TW: Victor, what was your initial purpose to create WHIPSTRIKER?

Victor: As I said before, my plans were just record some stuffs to release. The purpose was to be a studio band. But since I recorded the first stuff I decided to start to play live too. Then we have playing many gigs. We played two tours, in Europe (2011) and Brazil (2012).

Victor Whipstriker


TW: WHIPSTRIKER sound is influenced by bands such as MOTÖRHEAD, DISCHARGE, WARFARE, TANK, GBH, HELLHAMMER. Have you always liked Metal and Hardcore Punk?

Victor: Yes. I always like this kind of music. But I like another stuffs from 70´S Rock n Roll too. I love bands like THIN LIZZY, UFO, WISHBONE ASH, CAPTAIN BEYOND, CREEDENCE etc. In the first album you can hear some THIN LIZZY influences all the time. I try to mix it with Metal, Crust and Punk stuffs. That´s the idea. I mix all the stuffs I like.

TW: Actually, here in Peru Hardcore and Metal scene are separate and there is still a little dispute between then. How are these scenes in Brazil, united or separate?

Victor: Here is the same. But in the things are changing. Some gigs are mixing Punk and Metal bands. I think the CRUST style is the better way to mix these two styles. In the gigs that I promote I always mix Metal and Punk bands. In São Paulo you can watch some gigs in the same way. Indeed it´s a historical problem, right?  Punks and Headbangers play in different gigs. Some punks think that all the headbangers are fascists, and of course it´s not true. Some headbangers think the punks are ass-holes, political vegan ass-holes, and of course it´s not true too. I really think the things are changing nowadays. I like Metal and Punk’s stuffs. So I go all the gigs. We can make a better scene together. Without Nazis, of course.

TW: Your first three releases, “Crude Rock N’ Roll” (LP), “Metal Punk’s Not Dead” (split) and “Midnight Crust” (EP) is like they announce their main music sound on their own titles. What is your favorite?

Victor: I don´t have favorite stuffs. Each stuff has a different feeling for me. If you check them, you can hear different styles. The album is more Rock n Roll, the split is Metalpunk and the EP is Crust as fuck. That´s the idea you know. No favorite, if I don´t like a stuff I´ll not release it.



TW: In more recent releases as “A Porta, A Guerra Civil” (2011 demo tape) your lyrics talk about civil war in your country. How is this problem affecting people in Brazil and what do you stand for?

Victor: This civil war is a big problem here. Now the State is controlling the tourist areas because they have economical interesting. You know, the world cup will happen here in 2014. But the problem will never end. Is a big war: Drug Dealers versus State. But it´s ridiculous because the state in completely corrupt. The police give weapons and drugs to the dealers. If the dealers don’t walk on line, the police get back the weapons and drugs and sell it to other dealers. I mean the war will never end because the police and the dealers are almost the same people. In the middle of this war, many people are dying all the time. There are many dangerous areas here. It´s impossible to explain all the situation in a interview, you have to come here to check it. So I´m talking about this war in my lyrics.

TW: Despite being a new band, WHIPSTRIKER has toured Europe in early 2011, an accomplishment just a few South American bands can be proud of. Which coutries/cities did you assault and how this tour was even possible in the first place?

Victor: Yeah We played 26 dates in Europe In February, 2011. Was a very very cool experience for us. We played in many cities in 10 different countries: Germany, Italy, Switzeland, France, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria and Belgiun. About tour organizing… We contacted AGIPUNK RECS from Italy. They can organize all the tour for the bands. They book all the shows and you rent their van and equipments. In each gig you receive money, food and a good place to sleep. We played in many punk squats. These places are really good to play, drink and sleep. If you have a band and want to play in Europe contact AGIPUNK, they are great and make a very good work. I hope to back soon.

TW: Tell us more about the European tour, what bands did you play with? What was your favorite audience? Is there any drunken party anecdote you specially remember?

Victor: We traveled in three bands: WHIPSTRIKER, ATOMIC ROAR and IRON FIST (USA). So basically there were these bands playing. We played beside good bands like TERRORAZOR, a crust-noize band of DANIEL AVENGER who plays in NOCTURNAL, FRONT BEAST and other killer bands. In Belgium we played along DOWN OF CRUCIFIXION, a very good Black Metal band too. In the last show we shared the stage with BLIZZARD in Germany, very very drunkers-alcoholic-metalpunks. In Vienna –Austria we played along the crazy metalpunks of EWIG FROST. I think the best show was in Bologna –Italy. The crows is really insane there! This night we knew the guys of CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY and we drunk a lot together. I liked too much. I liked the gig in Berlin–Germany too. For me was a kind of special moment because we were playing the the famous punk squat Köpi. Everybody who is into punk scene knows about this traditional squat.  A dunken anecdote? I think there are many of them, but I can´t remember because I was drunk, ahaha! Anyway, the tour was fucking great. The DO IT YOURSELF Metalpunk scene is very organized there. The Punk Squats are really cool places where the people can watch gigs, drink cheap beers, eat good vegetarian food, worm rooms etc. We had a lot of good moments there. The tour was great.

WHIPSTRIKER playing in Praga, Czech Republic, during European Tour 2011


TW: This interview is manly about WHISPTRIKER, but what about FARSCAPE? It’s been a while since you release something new…

Victor: Yes, FARSCAPE never stops. We kept making gigs. But you know, all of us play in many bands: ATOMIC ROAR, WHIPSTRIKER, DIABOLIC FORCE, HELLKOMMANDER, SODOMIZER, APOKALYPTIC RAIDS etc. So we work hard to record and play live gigs with all of these bands. We recorded the second FARSCAPE´s album in 2006. In the middle of this time (2006-2012) we recorded many stuffs with our other bands. But we´ll record the new FARSCAPE´s album this year. We have all the songs ready to record. The album will be out in October and will be released by BESTIAL INVASION RECORDS from Scotland in CD and LP versions. Just wait that.

TW: I know you have supported TOXIC HOLOCAUST on their “Hell on Earth” tour back in 2006. How was your experience on these gigs? Was Joel Grind as you expected to be? Are you still friends?

Victor: Yes I played bass for TOXIC HOLOCAUST on Brazilian Tour. We released a official DVD where you can see one show that we played in São Paulo. For me was very great because I´m a fan of TOXIC HOLOCAUST. So when Joel invited me to play I accept in the same moment. I have contact with JOEL since 2001 when he sent me some demos. But now he´s very busy. I think he plays tours all the time. So we don’t talk too much nowadays. I´m happy cause TOXIC HOLOCAUST is a big band now. JOEL works very hard since the beginning. It´s a great band.

TW: You also support APOKALYPTIC RAIDS on tour, how is Leon Manssur to work with? I’ve heard he’s got a hellish record collection!

Victor: I played bass for APOKALYPTIC RAIDS in the Brazilian Tour 2008. Indeed the tour was FARSCAPE and APOKALYPTIC RAIDS together. We played 14 gigs together. For me was great because I like too much their songs. We are very good friends since 2000. LEON produced many stuffs to my bands FARSCAPE, ATOMIC ROAR and DIABOLIC FORCE. And yeah, LEON is kind of LP maniac. He has a lot of Lps. If you come to Brazil we can visit him and drink some beers there while we hear the albums. (I have to go to Brazil, damn it!!!!! – Ed.). He´s my neighbor.

Victor WHIPSTRIKER + Leon Necromaniac from APOKALYPTIC RAIDS


TW: You are actually pretty active and also play in Thrash Metal act ATOMIC ROAR. How do you manage your time for rehearse, compose and play for all your bands?

Victor: ATOMIC ROAR is a kind of studio-band. We played the European tour in 2011, but we don´t play live often. When we want to record a stuff we make some rehearsals, compose the songs and go to studio. So it´s not a problem for me.

TW: We all praise Brazil for being the most (beer) drinking source of South American Underground. Which bands are your all-time favorites and which new ones would you personally recommend?


TW: What do you know about Peruvian underground scene? Tell us your favorite bands from here please.

Victor: I know some bands like MORTEM, BLACK ANGEL, HANDS OF DOOM, TORMENT, POISONDEATH, HELL TORMENT, OPRESOR, GRAVE DESECRATION. I think only these bands I know. Some months ago a very good Punk band “LOS REZIOS” invited me to release a split together. They´re very great and I really like the sound. They play in vein of DISCHARGE and ANTICIMEX. I need more Peruvian Punk bands in my collection too. You can show me the bands you like.

TW: What are the next things to come for WHISPTRIKER? Is it possible to do a South American tour soon? What are your requirements to do so?

Victor: The plans is always the same. To record new stuffs (albums, splits etc) and keep playing live gigs. Of course I really would like to play a South American tour. But I don’t have money to make it now. If some promoter wants to invite us to play some gigs, we can go if him can affort the flying tickets. I want to play in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Paraguai, Uruguai etc. But I really don’t have money to play a tour now. We ask the tickets, beers and some vegetarian food. If some promoter wants to invite us, we can go right now!

Metal Punk Bass


TW: Muito obrigada pela entrevista Victor. Please your last words and anything you want to add!

Victor: I like to say Thanx for the interview. Keep this “do-it-yourself” work alive! The scene needs zines, blogs, sites etc. It´s very important to keep the scene alive. Metalpunks from Peru, feel free to write mails and keep on touch. Send me new songs, show me new bands, etc. I´m a underground junkie (addicted to underground). I live for this. Thanx!


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Yeah! We had another opportunity to see two Thrash Metal legends unleashing their fury down here in our city Lima: HIRAX and SODOM performed a wild set of songs mixing their new stuff with some old classics we always love to headbang to.

The show started with some problems since the municipality patrol was around and the venue asked for our ID’s to get in. I was one of those unfortunate people that wasn’t carrying that shit with me, but my wit (or should I say desperation?) saved my ass this time! ;)         

I couldn’t attend the first HIRAX show here two years ago, but since I heard nothing but marvelous comments about their killer live performance, I had high expectations.

Ticket of the show + HIRAX pick I grabbed


Audience was shouting HIRAX, HIRAX, HIRAX!!! While the intros “Cuando cae la oscuridad” and “Battle of the North” were sounding on the amplifiers. Immediately after Mr. Katon De Pena went on stage like a mighty diablo negro! “Baptized by fire” began encouraging everybody to start headbanging and singing with great energy. I was admired by Katon’s presence and enthusiasm, hailing and pointing at everybody.

Katon De Pena is El Diablo Negro!


It was a very a physical concert. Songs like “Lucifer’s Inferno”, “El Rostro de la Muerte”, “Broken Neck” and “Hostile Territory” put the audience on fire and moshpits started to form in the center. Katon even jumped to one of the balconies of the venue and sang and hug the lucky crowd that was over there. HIRAX as usual played some of their killer old classics (my favorites of the night) “Bombs of Death” (I got nuts on this one!), “Hate Fear and Power” and “Destroy”… everybody was sweating like crazy and screaming for such an amazing Thrash Metal discharge!!

HIRAX exuding pure Thrash fury and energy during their performance


During “El Diablo Negro”, Katon grabbed our Peruvian flag and showed it off across the stage, it was a touching moment for us and we all roar at this gesture. Then he told us that lead guitarist Mike Guerrero had Peruvian family, so it felt like the bond between our country and HIRAX increased its roots. They closed their killer show with “Assassins of War” and man, my high expectations were not disappointed… thanks HIRAX for leaving everything on stage and for promising to come back!! Thanks Katon for being so fuckin real and loyal to your Thrash Metal essence!!

HIRAX gaining a space in our Peruvian Thrash hearts


After HIRAX, some people went for a beer or to the bathroom and I took advantage of that shit reaching a spot on the front row. SODOM’s crew stepped in and took a hell of a time preparing the gear and the instruments… really, it was almost an hour… I rested my head over the fence and almost fell asleep! When they placed SODOM’s flag on the background, people gathered again and started screaming for the German musicians.

SODOM's flag on the background


We waited and waited and waited and… Angelripper finally appeared on the stage sporting a big beard along Bernemann and new drummer Makka to start another Thrash attack. It was the third time of SODOM playing here and, as I’ve been on both previous shows, I knew what to expect:  half “new” songs, half old godly classics and a little distant (but very professional) Tom’s attitude.

Tom's new look ala Tom Hanks in "Cast Away"


They started their performance with “In War and Pieces” from their last album, just like in their entire South American tour… I am certainly not a fan of their latest stuff, so I took the time to take some photos. Then a nuclear bomb right in front of our faces… “Sodomy and Lust”  aaarrggh! Bath in sin! Sadistic Souls! Break their Crust! We all chanted as loud as we could! “M-16” was up next and something wrong happened: we heard a damned thing short-circuiting and everything stopped. The technical crew came in again and started to deal with the problem… such a turn off!

Angelripper worried about the electrocutiooonnnn


After some minutes, Onkel Tom just said “sorry guys!” and “M-16” started again, this time without bass… the good side of it was that Angelripper started to mosh with its flying bass guitar like a demon to make up for the loss! Bass retuned eventually for “Outbreak of Evil”, another awaited track of the night… shrill cries! angel dies! And I realized this new drummer was far better than Bobby… dude, Makka is fast!!! You can’t escape from its drumming! I was very happy and wet between those horns up of the guys around. Then, I don’t remember if it was at the end of “The saw is the law” or just before “Blasphemer”, but the bass was just not working and our Onkel just left it behind. The result: the remaining setlist was played without bass!!!!

No more bass... but Onkel Tom pulled out his flying bass instead!


Dude, setlist was awesome… that’s what I most grumble about. It came “Proselytism is real” (I lost it in this one, poor that guy behind me), MOTÖRHEAD’s “Iron Fist”, “Surfin’ Bird”, “Fuck the Police”, “Agent Orange”… without the motherfucking bass!! Still, they sounded somehow good, or maybe it’s just that I am such a SODOM fan, I don’t know…. but It could’ve been perfect (well, almost, there were still some new songs) without the technical difficulties.

SODOM closed their show with “City of God” shortening the setlist by 4 or 5 songs. There was no encore but we understood that (without asking for it in the first place). Some people say that Angelripper caused the short circuit when he threw a bottle of water over his head and shaked his hair all over… Actually it just doesn’t matter; he still managed to pull the shit off without complaining and playing his air bass, taking his shirt off and head banging like in the 80’s.

We still have confidence in the producers DANGER STEEL since they have always organized gigs professionally, but we hope they’ve learned about all the complications that surrounded this Thrash Metal night. That’s all. Long Life to old school Thrash Metal!!!

(Text & Photos by Roxana Vivanco)